Best 3.5 car speakers

A good sound system has become a mandatory part of every car. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new car or a used one, you can add a speaker to improve your sound system. Since speakers are manufactured with different specifications, you only choose one that will fulfill your needs. Other than the size, customers can base their choice decision on other features that contribute to the whole functionality of the speaker. It’s advisable to check out the variety of some of the best speakers on different sources like before buying one. Below are some of the brands that manufacture some of the best 3.5 car speakers. You should note that these speakers mostly come in pairs.
As one of the most respected brands, Pioneer has to maintain a certain level of quality with all their products. One of their best 3.5 car speakers is the TS-A878. With a high sensitivity and low power consumption capacity, highest being 60 watts, these speakers will give you the best sound improvement. Their frequency range is between 60 Hz to 28 kHz and they are very easy to install. Their design and price makes them a perfect choice for anyone.
This brand does not disappoint with their KFC-835C, which is one of their best 3.5 car speakers. They are small and light making them very easy to install in small spaces. They have a high sensitivity of 89dB and can handle power of up to 40 watts. With a high-frequency range of 96 Hz to 20 kHz, these speakers will impress you. Their affordability and the added one-year warranty make them one of the most reliable speakers you can come across.
Polk Audio
DB351 puts this brand among the top brands that produce the best 3.5 car speakers. It is safe to say that this manufacture had durability in mind when coating these speakers with rubber butyl. Their frequency goes from 120 Hz to 22 kHz and highest power capacity is 105 watts. They can also withstand strong sunlight and high temperatures. For long lasting speakers that produce clear sound, you can always trust Polk audio.
This company has earned its place among the top by continuously making great speakers that are suitable for all car models. Their best 3.5 car speakers are the 40CS354. Although they have a relatively low-frequency range, they still produce a good bass level. They are also easy to surmount and have a peak power handling capacity of 90 watts.
Despite the low-frequency range of their P132, these speakers are still some of the best 3.5 car speakers in the market. They have a decent bass level and can fit any car model. Power handling capacity is 20 watts with a peak of 40 watts. Butyl rubber and moulded cones gives them the ability to withstand extreme pressure.
With a high sensitivity of 91dB, GTO329 are some of the loudest 3.5 car speakers you can find from JBL audio. Their capacity can go to a maximum of 75 watts. Their fact that they are affordable and perform well makes them a good investment.

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